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Why Exede?

Exede satellite internet service has been a trusted internet service provider for many years. Exede is committed to bringing innovative satellite internet technology to customers no matter where they live. So whether you live in the city, suburbs, or out in the country, Exede can deliver lightning fast satellite internet at an affordable price.

Satellite Internet from Exede surpasses it's competitors when it comes to reliability and speed. Exede satellite Internet service is always on and with speeds of 12 Mbps, outperforms dial-up and DSL. In addition, according to the Measuring Broadband America Report done by the FCC, Exede frequently surpasses its own advertised speeds! This means you always receive optimum internet speeds from Exede.

With speeds of 12 Mbps, Exede allows you to do more on the internet. From simple emails to streaming movies and music, updating social media, shopping online, and talking to family and friends through video chat sites, Exede has the speed and reliability to do it all!

Best of all, every Exede plan includes the "Free Zone" feature. The Exede "Free Zone" gives you 5 hours of unmetered data everyday that does not count against your data plan. Take advantage of downloading movies, videos, and music without affecting your monthly data! !