Exede Internet – HOW IT WORKS

Subscribe to Exede Internet and you get more than just high-speed Internet service, you get the most advanced satellite technology available. Exede uses the high capacity Via Sat satellite in space to send a beam from the satellite to your computer. This allows you to get up to 12 Mbps download speed no matter where you live!

Exede’s revolutionary satellite Internet service offers speeds up to 8x faster than DSL and 200x faster than dial-up, allowing you to enjoy all the web has to offer. Once you subscribe, certified installation professionals will come to your home, at your convenience, and install the satellite dish and modem (similar to a DSL modem) at no charge. Once installed, the Exede technician will ensure all equipment is in working order and answer any questions you may have. From there, all you have to do in go online and enjoy!

Why High-Speed Internet is a Must Have

It is essential to have high speed Internet in today's modern world, whether you use the Internet for home entertainment or business. Exede's high-speed satellite Internet gives you:

How it Works

  • Exede satellite Internet service gives you out of this world service with ease. All you need is a computer and Exede will handle the rest.
  • Once you subscribe to Exede, we supply you with a modem that sends data to the satellite antenna. In addition, an Exede dish is provided to you that will send and receive signals from our satellite, ViaSat-1.
  • All information is then transferred back from ViaSat-1to Exede's network gateways, and then on to your home or business.

Satellite technology has been in use by the military and government for many years, but with recent advancements the technology has become a popular solution for the retail consumer, especially those who live in rural areas. For rural customers, options for an Internet connection used to be limited to dial-up and DSL, if their systems could reach you. Dial-up and DSL are bound by wires, where Exede satellite Internet is not. Exede can reach you no matter where you live. In addition, as the Internet advances and content becomes more media rich, you need a stronger, faster connection.

The demand for fast, reliable Internet has increased with the advent of online streaming services and content rich with media. Exede's advanced satellite communication beams the Internet right to your door, no matter where you live or work, with speeds nearly 200x faster than dial-up and 8x faster than DSL. Exede makes it easy to enjoy the Internet with equipment we provide.

Exede makes subscribing easy; we offer free standard installation so there is no need to worry about getting the connections set up correctly. Exede satellite Internet will send a professional installer to your home or business to get you up and running. Once the equipment is in place, you will get a signal from our orbital satellite communications system, and just like that, you are connected. It's just that fast.

After installation, no further adjustments are necessary, however if you encounter a problem, we are happy to schedule repair and maintenance. Simply call our expert technicians who are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week and they will be glad to take care of the issue.

Stop waiting on a slow connection and call Exede today. Get high-speed satellite Internet delivered to your home or business no matter where you are in the United States!