Compare Speed – Exede Internet

When it comes to Exede, you will always stay connected and never have slow download speeds due to our innovative satellite communications technology. With only a mini dish and modem, you will have reliable and fast speeds even in the remotest of locations. You are in a new rural location and are debating your options regarding Internet services. Skip the competitors and go straight to Exede for your high-speed Internet. Just how fast will your Internet speed be with Exede? We offer 25 Mbps download speeds. So it will only take seconds to download photos, documents, music and movies. This incredible service will allow you to use your Internet even more while efficiently using your data plan. On average, you can download documents in 16 seconds, photos in 0.32 seconds, music in 0.0 seconds and movies in 16 seconds. Our services totally dominate the competition. You won't be able to get such speeds with average DSL (6 Mbps), rural DSL (3 Mbps) or 1st generation satellite Internet (1 Mbps). Check out the download speeds with each of these competitors: Rural DSL download speeds: 37 seconds for documents, 2.67 seconds for photos, 8 seconds for music, and 2 minutes and 21 seconds for movies. Average DSL download speeds: 18 seconds for documents, 1.33 seconds for photos, 4 seconds for music, and 1 minute and 10 seconds for movies. The 1st generation satellite Internet download speeds: 1 minute and 52 seconds for documents, 8 seconds for photos, 24 seconds for music, and 7 minutes and 4 seconds for movies. These download speeds prove that Exede Internet is the best bet for rural customers across the country. When you check out our great prices and variety of data plans, you will jump on the chance to be able to do everything that you desire through your Internet browser while saving money in your wallet. Call us today so we can get you the right plan for your needs