All You Need to Know About Exede Satellite Internet

With download speeds up to 12 Mbps and proprietary acceleration software, Exede offers a better experience from any satellite internet service anywhere. Exede Satellite Internet service helps you take the frustration out of choosing an internet provider by offering speed, reliability, and products that fit your lifestyle.
Whether you live in a bustling city or the quiet of wide open spaces, Exede satellite internet service is able to get you connected with the most advanced technology available.

What is Exede?

Exede Satellite internet is a lightning fast satellite internet provider that delivers fast, reliable connections no matter where you live. The technological advancements have increased download speeds to up to 12Mbps. Exede uses this new and improved technology to provide quality high speed internet to its users. This means that these services will dramatically speed up the time it takes to load pages on your device, making your experience using the web much quicker and more responsive. This is why so many people choose to go with Exede—they get an affordable, reliable service that provides high speed and the perfect amount of data.

Where is Exede available?

If you are worried about living somewhere that does not receive internet services, don’t fret. Exede is available everywhere, as it does not require laying huge infrastructure to reach a certain area. If you are able to receive satellite television, then you will be able to enjoy Exede internet from your home. In addition, you won’t need to worry about whether or not your homeowners association will allow the dish, as it is classified the same as other residential dishes.

When you decide that you would like to receive these services, a certified professional technician will be sent to your home to install the satellite dish. This dish is about 28 inches high and 30 inches wide and is easily mounted on the roof, in the ground or on an outside wall. A cable will then be used to connect your modem to the dish. After this set up is complete, you will be able to start receiving internet that is high speed in your area.

What can Exede do?

Although Exede provides high speed internet, it does much more than just that. With this service, you will be able to more quickly share photos, video chat, browse websites, send emails and stream videos. With every function you use on your device that requires internet, Exede will shave off seconds or even minutes with its high speeds. This service is quicker than DSL and is also around 240 times as fast as a dial-up connection. Exede gives you everything you need to enjoy the time you spend using the web as much as possible.

Exede also works with a wireless router and it is recommended that you use one. This lets you to put your own home network in place, allowing all of the devices in your home to use the service wirelessly.

How much data does Exede come with?

If you often stream videos, send pictures or use media rich sites, you need a plan that can keep up. Exede offers a variety of different plans where you are guaranteed to find one that fits your exact needs. These plans range from 10 GB a month up to 150 GB per month with speeds up to 12 Mbps.

However, no matter which plan you select when you use Exede, you will receive unlimited data usage. Every plan comes with a 5-hour Free Zone, where you can use data for anything you want without it counting towards your monthly data allowance. This is extremely beneficial for those who use the internet frequently, whether it be for work or pleasure, as well as for those who occasionally like to download or stream movies from their devices. No matter how frequently or for what purposes you use the web during this time, you don’t have to worry at all.

Switch to Exede Satellite Internet

Once you try Exede, you’ll never have to switch providers again. You’ll finally have the fast, reliable internet you’ve been searching for with the perfect amount of data for you. Exede is dedicated to providing services that are high speed in your area no matter where you live. If you are unsatisfied with your current provider, then Exede might just be the answer for you.